embrace the suck

bianca louise, fifteen, pinay

My first set of friends, my inspiration to do my best in everything - my beloved family ❤
I totally miss the guy who has the matching key to this lock :(: ❤ #evian
We checked it last night and it says that we’ll have another interview. But now, they changed it. FOR ENROLMENT NAAAAA ❤ #scholarship
Went to Pasig Sci a while ago. Will surely miss my beloved Alma Mater ❤
M&m’s with peanuts 👍👍
Tan line on my thigh. One reason why I do not like swimming at daytime.
How will I be slimmer if these would accompany me? Oh my dearest Chips Ahoy ❤
It doesn’t look much like him but I guess it’s obviously him because of the huge mouth ((haha)) and, the nose which resembles mine, and those eyeglasses :) ❤
I’ve been consuming lots and lots of chocolates lately. Not good 👎
One of my favorite things about this dictionary — Word of the Day ♥Today’s word is #madeleine :) #wordporn
Tuesdays are very special days ♥ Happy fourth week! :)